WH provides a space for children to be themselves. WH gifts the children with the opportunity to have time to grow and develop in a low stress environment, while still having structure and direction to prepare them for future school and life

WH has struck a unique balance with letting kids be kids and providing structure and instruction. Students seem to embrace the WH environment and, in turn, demonstrate a great deal of respect, kindness, and acceptance of one another.

-Windsor Hill Parent Testimonial

A Primary School Specializing in Students Ages 4-9

“You will not be disappointed, it is hard to say what’s not to love at Windsor Hill!”

-Windsor Hill Parent Testimonial


Time for Foundational Skills

Strong academic skills provide the essential foundation for future success in education. Students will be instructed in small groups at their grade level in core subject areas. Curriculum and learning targets align with public school benchmarks and grade levels.

Time for Mindsets for Learning

The development of positive growth mindsets for learning allows children to believe in their abilities to grow in all directions and develop self confidence for life. Children form firm dispositions for learning, interests, and abilities during their early schooling years.

Time for Connections

Connections are catalysts for learning. We believe in supporting the connections children make to themselves, to their peers, to their families, to their communities, and to their world through subject studies, enrichment, communication, and global awareness.

Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets.

-Leonardo da Vinci

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