2023-2024 Tuition

Windsor Hill is committed to finding ways to make our school costs and schedules accessible, transparent, and simplistic for families who are considering us as a school choice. Windsor Hill tuition includes all Windsor Hill activities, enrichment, and school hours within two basic school day options.

Windsor Hill offers a traditional school day for families who would like to remain on a typical school schedule with a school ending time that lines up with local school options. We have staggered our start and end time to allow for transportation for children who may be in two different schools in our area based on needs and grade levels.

Windsor Hill offers an extended school day for families who prefer a longer school day to meet their needs for work or would like their child to have additional time in our environment to benefit their growth and development. We consider our later pick up time to simply extend the school day for our students and allow for a more balanced approach to learning, play, and enrichment without students having to switch locations for additional care.

ProgramTuitionPayment Options
4yr-olds/K-2nd grade
traditional school day
$15,50010 monthly payments Sept-June
2 semester payments-Sept/Feb
4yr-olds/K-2nd grade
extended school day
$18,50010 monthly payments Sept-June
2 semester payments-Sept/Feb

“The extended day option is so wonderful for giving parents the peace of mind that our children are settled in for the day in one program, avoiding needing to be transferred somewhere else for an aftercare program. Further, the extended day option is wonderful because my son loves it! It is not uncommon that my son begs to stay for the extra “community time!”

-Windsor Hill Parent Testimonial
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