Does Windsor Hill have a preschool program?

Yes! We are enrolling a small group of 4 year-olds beginning Fall 2023 for our 4YO program. The year before entering kindergarten is an important stage of development and learning for children and having taught kindergarten for many years in the public school systems in the area, we have many years experience of learning what school “readiness” looks like and have a strong sense of what the modern day kindergarten looks like and the skills needed to be successful in a larger school setting as a young learner.

Students must turn the age of 5 by October 15th of the enrolled school year in order to attend our kindergarten programs, however, we offer a developmental kindergarten program for students who may need an extra time and development prior to entering a bigger school environment. Many 5-yr olds have already completed a year or two of preschool so our program is designed to go beyond the typical preschool program in order to meet the unique needs of the 5-yr old child as they prepare for their next grade level.

Why should I send my child to Windsor Hill Primary School?

We have an ENORMOUS amount of knowledge and experience to offer students and families in the early elementary years and feel that we have the passion and strengths to create the solid foundation that is essential in a child’s education at this level. We promise our students TIME to grow, learn, ask, play, inquire, and prepare for what is to come in their lives. They will LOVE it!

I moved to my town because it is a highly rated school system. Why should I pay for my child to start school at Windsor Hill?

As both teachers and parents who have lived and worked in the local area we recognize that there are many quality options for primary school. Some families choose to start their child’s formal education with us at Windsor Hill for various reasons.

•We commit to no more than a 1:8 student to teacher ratio for core curriculum.

•We instruct in small groups and often provide 1:1 lessons to differentiate each child’s learning.

•We focus on the positive development of social/emotional skills with each child.

•We maintain high expectations for academics and believe all children are capable of achieving.

•We offer a balanced setting that includes structured learning time, inquiry, enrichment, and play.

•We build enrichment programming like karate, piano/violin lessons, and movement into our school day.

•We value families as partners who actively help to build and be an integral part of our school community.

•We include two options for the school day schedule (traditional ends at 3pm, extended ends at 5:15pm)

•We understand that some families desire to postpone the entrance into a larger school setting in order to give their child more time to grow and develop at their own rate in a small setting.

•We honor the variety of choices families make at different stages of their child’s development for school.

•We consult and partner with families in relation to academic and social/emotional development goals

What is the school schedule for the year?

Windsor Hill Primary School will operate on the Falmouth Public School Calendar in relation to vacations and holidays . We begin school the week after Labor Day and end school mid-June. We also have occasional days off for professional development and business needs but they will be outlined in the school calendar ahead of time.

What makes Windsor Hill Primary School different than any other school?

We see ourselves as a unique school choice in various ways. We choose to keep a broad focus in our learning philosophies beyond any specific approach typical for this age group like language immersion, Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Waldorf, parochial, etc., and as we both admire and utilize pieces of many of these specific philosophies and apply them to our teaching in various ways, we believe that OUR BEST WORK will happen at WHPS because it REPRESENTS US as highly experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate teachers.

Our small educational setting is purposeful and provides an individualized and tailored approach to instruction and an intimate school setting. Our small size allows for TIME and attention to gain solid academic foundations based on our knowledge of how students learn and what is important for them learn in the primary years of school. Our strong academic approach gives students the skills they will need to transfer their learning into larger settings with independence and confidence.

Do you offer any programming for after-school students and remain open during summer break?

Yes! We offer both After-School Care and Summer Session Camps available for families to register. Check out our various options for attending Windsor Hill by clicking the appropriate tabs on our website menu.

The bottom line…

We promise to welcome all children with love and care and approach their time and learning with us as a critical foundation in their personal development. We strongly believe in the investment of TIME for young children and are committed to Windsor Hill Primary School’s philosophy and respect for purposeful play as an integral developmental need in building a solid foundation for each child’s future. Childhood development only happens once for each of us and we believe it is a defining period in life for all and honor it with all of our heart and knowledge!

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